• R-project – The R Project for Statistical Computing.
  • R Weekly – Weekly updates about R and Data Science. R Weekly is openly developed on GitHub.
  • R Bloggers – There are people scattered across the Web who blog about R. This is simply an aggregator of many of those feeds.
  • Quick-R – An excellent quick reference.
  • Efficient R Programming – An online home of the O’Reilly book: Efficient R Programming.
  • CRAN Task Views – Task Views for CRAN packages.
  • The R Programming Wikibook – A collaborative handbook for R.
  • R-users – A job board for R users (and the people who are looking to hire them)
  • R Cookbook – A problem-oriented website that supports the R Graphics Cookbook.
  • tryR – A quick course for getting started with R.
  • RDocumentation – Search through all CRAN, Bioconductor, GitHub packages and their archives with RDocumentation.